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  1. Any notice of withdrawal given within four (4) weeks of an event date will not be eligible for any refund nor any event transfer. 

  2. A full refund, minus a $15 admin fee, can be taken for withdrawals outside of this 4-week period. 

  3. No full refunds will be given for withdrawal due to injury, absence, or any other reason. Please refer to one of the above two options.

  4. Refunds are of event entry fees only, and not of other costs that may be associated with the event such as accommodation and travel or merchandise sales. 

  5. Entries cannot be transferred to another person at any time under any circumstances. 

  6. No refunds can be issued if transferring to a shorter distance. A $10 admin fee is payable.

  7. If transferring to a longer distance, the fee payable is the difference between the two distances plus a $10 admin fee.

  8. Refunds will be processed within 14 days of receiving written email confirmation. 




  1. If a race is cancelled due to a venue being closed by the relevant government department due to bush fires, extreme heat, natural disaster, pandemic situations like COVID-19, or any other reason, an alternative race date and/or venue will be sourced.

  2. If an alternative date and/or venue cannot be found within a six-month period, only then, a full refund will be offered minus a $15 admin fee.

  3. Adelaide Trail Runners reserve the right to alter the courses and/or venue at any stage to avoid such problems as mentioned above and to provide a safe running environment for all involved.


  1. All races will go ahead unless the venues are closed by the relevant government authorities.

  2. Adelaide Trail Runners reserve the right to adjust and/or shorten any course to provide a safe running environment for all runners, spectators, and volunteers

  3. All Medium Course and Long Course entrants are strongly encouraged to carry at least one litre of fluid with them. Short course entrants should evaluate the conditions they will be faced with and carry at least 500ml of fluid if the temperature is forecast to be above 30 degrees at 8:30am 

  4. Adelaide Trail Runners cannot guarantee that we will be permitted to have aid stations or drinks available at the end of the event. Runners will need to take this into account when deciding how much fluid to carry with them during and after the event.

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