Our Winter Team Championships events consist of a 2-person team with categories of Male, Female and Mixed teams. Teams will compete in either a Short Course (13.5km) or Long Course (20.3km) option.


There are two age-group categories of under 40 or 40+ for all events. Runners can team up with other runners of any age but will compete in the age category of the youngest runner. For example, a 46 year old male can run with a 38 year old female and they would be in a Mixed Team competing in the under 40 age category. Runners MUST cross the finish line together to record your time. There is no individual timing or prizes, this is purely a teams event.

Medals will be awarded to the winning teams in all categories. We had so much fun at our inaugural event at Black Hill in January and we hope you can join us for the next one! Entries are now open. 

Saturday July 3rd, at Waite Conservation Reserve, Urrbrae. Long Course at 1:00pm and Short Course at 1:30pm

PRICING (per team)

Long Course - $90

Short Course - $70