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Our State Teams Championship event will be held on Sunday January 29th, 2023, at Bridgewater in the Adelaide Hills and consists of a 2-person team with categories of Male, Female and Mixed teams. Teams will compete in either a Short Course (12km) or Long Course (21km) option. The 2023 courses remain unchanged from 2022 and will again see Long Course Runners tackle parts of Mylor Conservation Park before returning to Bridgewater to complete a loop of Mt. George alongside the Short Course Runners. Long Course starts at 7:30am and Short Course at 8:15am. 

The Start & Finish location is opposite the Bridgewater Inn. We will also be having our medal ceremony & random draw prizes in the Creekside Beer Garden followed by Brunch. Click the link below to see the Breakfast menu from 2022. CLICK HERE to contact us to reserve your spot. 



There are now THREE age-group categories of under 35, 35 to 49 and 50+ for all events. Runners can team up with other runners of any age but will compete in the age category of the youngest runner. For example, a 38-year-old male can run with a 29-year-old female, and they would be in a Mixed Team competing in the under 35 age category. Runners MUST cross the finish line together to record your time. There is no individual timing or prizes, this is purely a teams event.

Medals will be awarded to the winning teams in all categories. If you haven't run in one of our teams' events before, you will be in a for a real treat. It is an incredible experience packed with laughter! Entries are now open. 

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Long Course is 3 Hrs. 30 Mins and Short Course is 2 Hrs. 45 Mins.

Entry Cost is $90 for Long Course & $70 for Short Course (Pricing is per team, not individual) 


This years Winter Teams Championship returns to Waite Conservation Reserve & Brownhill Creek on Sunday July 17th. The Long Course is 19.85km and starts at 8:00am and the Short Course is 12.5km and starts at 8:45am. Both courses offer incredible views of the city and surrounding hills and are a very scenic and fun way to spend your Sunday morning! Grab your favourite running partner and join in the fun. With Male, Female and Mixed Teams and with 3 different age group categories being Under 30, 30-49 & 50+, there is a race for everyone! Remember, runners MUST cross the line together and your team time is that of the slowest runner. There are NO individual times or prizes. Your team category is that of the YOUNGEST runner and yes you can run with a partner from a different age category. Medals will be awarded to the winning teams in each category. 
Entry cost is $90 for Long Course and $70 for Short Course. Pricing is per team, not each runner. 
CLICK HERE for all the Course Maps
CLICK HERE for Entries
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